absolutely hooked on juicing!

Right, so this is my latest thing for me to spend my money and time on – and hope you’re sitting down for this – it’s a totally sensible, kitchen-related, healthy obsession – yeah, I’m going WTF myself about this, so you’re not alone on that…

Anyway – juicing is it. Thats right – juicing. I am currently in week 2 of juicing and hooked – quite promising considering I give up on most things on day 3 – this has actually survived AND made it to the other side of a whole weekend!

It started out on Amazon – trust them to know how to get their hands on my hand earned money in some way or the other. I’m not quite sure how but I came across the book “Keeping It Simple! Over 100 Juice & Smoothie Recipes” by Jason Vale (had never heard of this guy before) and flickedc through it – liked what I saw, wanted it – then realised I don’t have a juicer so spent another £70 on a brand new (and AWESOME) juicer by Philips (yeah thats right – Amazon convinced me to spend £70 on a juicer, thats how easily I’m convinced by Amazon – one of my many vices) – and now I’m officially a self-confessed juicer folks!


What do you think?

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