Lake Retba or Lac Rose – the pink lake in Senegal

Have you seen Lake Retba in Senegal? It is also called Lac Rose or the Pink Lake because the water is naturally pink – this is apparently caused by a specific micro-algae which is really rich in these waters. It also has 40% salt saturation which means that like the Dead Sea in Israel you just float around! How beautiful is this gorgeous lake?!

The Pink Lake of Senegal lies north of the Cap Vert peninsula, north east of Dakar. It is apparently often on the route of the Dakar Rally and has even been the finish at times. What an awesome place to end the grueling race!

*none of these pictures are my own.

floating on lake retba the pink lake africa

Pink Lake Senegal

lake retba senegal pink lake

lake retba in senegal pink lake

senegal lac rose pink lake

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2 thoughts on “Lake Retba or Lac Rose – the pink lake in Senegal

  1. beautiful pics. I was ther sept 7,12. the lake was not pink. I believe it depend also on the sun light, which we did not have much of that day. Dakar is one of the most beautiful places in the world. beautiful photos.

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