Dream Destination: TEL AVIV – my love…

For today’s “Dream Destination” a slightly different one – one that I have already been to and have fallen so madly in love with…Tel Aviv – ze ha ir!!

No matter how many times I write about Tel Aviv, no matter how much I write about Israel, it could never be enough. No matter how much I struggle to explain to other people – I cannot say often enough how beautiful it is, how amazing the people are, the energy and the atmosphere is like nowhere else I have ever been – and I’d like to think I have travelled a fair bit…

Tel Aviv brings together perfect beach culture and city life in one – sitting on the Mediterranean Sea it combines amazing weather, gorgeous beaches, the ancient culture of Yaffo, delicious cuisine, beautiful Bauhaus architecture, soaring skyscrapers, an insane mix of cultures from Yemeni to Russian, a mad nightlife and a life energy that says “carpe this fucking diem” like no where else.

All the photographs are my own personal photos:

tel aviv beach

sophia neve tzedek cafe tel aviv

manta ray restaurant tel aviv seafood

tel aviv israel flag paul can dyk tel aviv nightlife poster goldstar beer tel aviv beach

Get booking your trip to beautiful Israel right here:

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