Dream Destination: Lombok, Indonesia

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pink beach lombok indonesia

My darling grandmother who is one of the most amazing people in the entire universe was born on the beautiful Indonesian island of Lombok. She lived on Bali at a very young age and moved across a few different Indonesian islands before moving to Europe, but Lombok it says in her passport.

Some day I dream of visiting her birth place and home town and actually taking the time to relax and really take it in. I haven’t been able to go yet because I really want to give it the time and respect that it deserves from me personally as the birth place of my wonderful grandmother who is one of the most loving and inspiring people I have ever met and love her so dearly. For me personally, a visit to Lombok (or Indonesia in general) would not be just any other holiday, it would be a sort of personal pilgrimage if you will – a pilgrimage of paying respects and taking in the roots of my family and what is also a part of my own identity.

Until I have the chance to take that much time off for travel, I shall continue to devour every book I can find on Indonesia and keep planning my dream trip :) with some inspiration from Pinterest…of course.

Tiu Kelep Lombok waterfall nature Indonesia Tampak Siring Temple holy temple Bali Central guardian temple lagoon Candi Dasa Bali

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