Shopping the never ending summer

I know I genuinely can’t complain that the London summer seems to be going on forever – but wowsers, the summer sales have come and gone and it’s still too warm for a leather biker jacket…what is going on?!

As a passionate ASOS shopper with premium account (yes, that free next day delivery on all orders is so worth it – trust me!) I originally discovered AQUA by AQUA on ASOS – but woohay they now have their very own online store – so obvs time to go check it out!

AQ/ AQ are a gorgeous combination of contemporary, structured, minimal and feminine (and often even very sexy) – I know, I know minimal and feminine at the same time may not seem very possible – so have a look for yourself…

I can confidently say that there is not a single thing on their website that I would not wear in public (we all wear crap slumming the hangover at home – so “public” carries a lot of weight y’all).

My friend Samantha is getting married in October and I think I most definitely NEED an AQ/ AQ dress!

belinda black backless dress cocktail aqua by aqua diana black backless cocktail dress aqua by aqua

mary orange strapless maxi dress aqua by aqua web bodysuit black top aqua by aqua

What do you think?

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