Ryan Lochte on Twitter

ryan lochte twitter photo

There are few things in the world that provide me with as much entertainment and make me as happy as Ryan Lochte’s Twitter Account. Whenever I’m having a shit day – all I need to do is re-read some of my favourite Ryan Lochte tweets and I’m smiling again…positively grinning :) If you are not following him yet – do it now. If you are not on Twitter – create an account to follow him now. I for one am most definitely very very excited about his show on E! – anyone when I’ll be able to watch it over here in the UK?!

what would ryan lochte do

Thank God, Praise the Lord and Hallelujah for Ryan Lochte’s Twitter Account! #Lochtenation ALL THE FRIKKIN WAY Y’ALL! #JEAH!

ryan lochte tweet hubhub

I mean everything ans simply everything about it is amazing…see for yourself:

ryan lochte vibe tweet

ryan lochte tomorrow tweet

ryan lochte tweet hmntyylml

ryan lochte ninja twitter

ryan lochte hot tub twitter

ryan lochte chicken tweet

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