How to get eyeliner right?

Very recently I’ve started to (try) apply eyeliner with moderate success – in the past (years) I have tried many many too many times and given up each time.

Usually the process consists of:

1. buy a brand new eyeliner – either liquid or gel or pen, usually an expensive one (because obviously-they-must-be-better-right?)

2. try applying at home while getting dressed to go out

3. have very shaky hands and completely smudge eyeliner all over eyelid

4. freak out

5. waste a lot of time taking off smudged eyeliner and redoing all normal makeup – with a combination of cursing and sometimes even angry tears

6. stick to kajal sticks and pencils

7. get very mad at self for wasting so much money on stupid expensive eyeliner

8. not try applying eyeliner for next 2-3 months

9. regret not being able to apply eyeliner

10. envy all women I see with gorgeous eyeliner

11. repeat all steps from 1 to 11

So what did I do different this time?

1. I bought a very cheap eyeliner pen (I genuinely believe this put less pressure on me to get it right straightaway – I wasn’t “wasting” super expensive Shiseido eyeliner this time you see?)

2. I looked up eyeliner tutorials on youtube for “cat eyeliner” and “winged eyeliner” and “flick eyeliner” – I watched a whole bunch till I found 2-3 that I liked

3. I practised a few times over with help of youtube eyeliner tutorials – on a Sunday afternoon in no rush to go anywhere

4. I did a “test ride” to the corner shop to get milk with newly applied cat eyeliner to see if anyone would react weirdly

5. No one reacted weird (but hey, that might be because I like in Camden?!)

6. Start applying it in the morning – but only if I have lots and lots of time and am in no rush whatsoever

So here is to me improving my eyeliner application skills & some inspiration:

stunning strong cat flick eyeliner from pinterest 10 ways to apply winged eyeliner from pinterest

12 ways to apply eyeliner from pinterestbeautiful eyeliner cat flick with white line from pinterest and makeupgeek eyeliner cat flick with white line from pinterest

six ways to apply eyeliner from pintereststunning retro cat flick eyeliner from pinterest 

2 thoughts on “How to get eyeliner right?

  1. I also only do it when I have the time and know I won’t get shaky because I’m running out of time. I used to always have the problem that liners of all kinds, but especially liquid liners, would goop up my lashes (they have a lot of natural curl, which is nice until they get in the way of eyeliner!) and I couldn’t get a precise enough application. The best (in terms of opacity and staying power) liquid eyeliner I’ve tried is MAC’s Liquidlast in black. It’s not very liquid, more like a fluid cream. I was sick of it clumping in my lashes and getting everywhere, so I’ve resorted to putting a bit on a palette, dipping a fine angle brush in it lightly and then, with short little strokes, applying it to my lid. The funnel of the brush pushes my lashes out of the way and I have absolute control over the application. I start as close to the lashline as possible, pushing the black inside there, then smoothe out the line once I’ve got the main portion of the liner in place. I recently discovered Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Liner in black and that has also become a Holy Grail product. It’s about 11€ (or pounds? can’t remember!) and bloody brilliant. I’ve got a review of it on my blog, in case you wanna know more about that!

    But yeah, even for seasoned makeup junkies like me, black liquid liner isn’t a cinch when you don’t do it every day, year round. Just breathe and keep practising!

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