In a Tub

One of my favourite things to do is have a hot bath. When I’m hung over this turns into an extremely long shower bath.

I was on a long weekend in Paris a few years ago with an ex-boyfriend and what I remember the most and the best of this entire holiday was the bath tub in the hotel. It was amazing. It was like a giant porcelain egg cut in half, balanced precariously in the middle of the bathroom on a gorgeous dark wood floor and above it there was one of those beautiful big rainforest showers. Bath tub heaven.

I love drinking tea, reading and watching movies in the bath – this week I had a lovely soak watching an episode of the L Word.

It appears I am in excellent company for my love of the tub. Some of my favourite people in bath tubs:

helena bonham carter in bath tub

sexy angeline jolie bath tub tattoo

charlie chaplin reading in bath

Because there are few things better than a beautiful, hot, wonderful soak in a hot bath – especially in these next few cold months ahead:

lee price self potrait in a bath tub

bathtub soak

winina ryder in bath tub smoking outdoor bathtub dita von teese bathtub colin firth in a bathtub

brigitte bardot bathtub phone bathtub soak playboy bathtub photo model

bathtub cat fashion photoshoot bath tub reading


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