Some day I will…

…be able to do all of these myself and look just as amazing :) or maybe not, maybe I never will – and that is totally fine too :)

Since my spine injury years ago I’d been anti-yoga for ages, I replaced this and worked with Dr. John Kabat-Zinn’s guided mindfulness and continued to do pilates – both mat work as well as reformer pilates. This combination is excellent and highly recommendable and I still continue to do both. However about a year ago I got into Bikram Yoga through a friend who was pasisonate about it – and Bikram has slowly brought me back around to believing in yoga. Which is why – this weekend we’re on a yoga retreat in the beautiful English seaside!

Due to my chronic spine injury that gives me ongoing sciatica since 7 years I cannot do all postures and some postures I can only do about halfway – I have learnt the hard way that if I push myself any further I will injure myself and be back to zero. My goal in yoga is not to compete with others (first sentence of this post is a half-joking aspiration) but to admire what others can do whilst I compete with myself and my own limitations, to know my own limitations and respect them while I gradually improve with every single time that I practice yoga. I’m very very far from good – but one of the challenges and achievements has been to accept this, embrace this, not allow it to make me resentful and to continue to work with it.

advanced yoga poses

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