He’s “One of Those” – Robert Downey Jr.

If you asked me what type of guy I find hot I’d probably say – Nordic/ Germanic, very tall, blond, blue/ green eyes, beard, thick beautiful hair, straight shoulders, creative…

And then you ask me to name a male celebrity I find really hot…and I say something like: ‘Oh, definitely Robert Downey Jr.!” and you’re going to think I’m either very blind or very confused.

Fair enough. Justified. Understandable.

Robert Downey Jr. is not very tall, not blonde, does not have blue/ green eyes, usually doesn’t have a beard – but I guess he does have straight shoulders and is creative? He’s just “One of Those” who has something – a spark in the eye, it’s the cocky attitude, the confident posture, the big smile, the lessons learnt with the bad years, the irreverent interviews and quotes…add to this the bad-boy-gone-good element and it just all comes together in a beautiful simmering cocktail of hotness that is Robert Downey Jr.

beautiful robert downey jr

He is a poster boy for the Hollywood child celebrity who went through a bad phase and fully recovered and made an awesome comeback though. When are we going to stop being so surprised about child celebrities spiralling into drug-fuelled meltdowns and needing rehab stints to recover and make a comeback? We act so shocked everytime – whether it’s Britney or Lindsay or fuck knows who else. It’s all so predictable and has happened a hundred times before and will a hundred times again. Kudos to those who get their shit together and clean up their act like Robert Downey Jr.

robert downey jr smoking white shirt

black and white young robert downey jr older robert downey jr open shirt robert downey jr

robert downey jr shirt smoking robert downey jr smoking by michael muller young robert downey jr

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