Chillout Retreat in Devon

chillout retreat devon uk weekend yoga retreat

The weekend past I had the pleasure of being part of a Chillout Retreat in Devon (they will also be at Stand F22 at the Yoga Show in London this coming weekend!) The retreat took place at the beautiful Boswell Farm in Sidford by Sidmouth. This wonderful 40 acres farm belongs to the formidable Linda Macaulay.

With the Holiday Season coming up, a weekend of relaxing and detoxing was very much needed and the lovely ladies of Chillout Retreats just happened to be having their lovely Devon retreat this weekend – perfect timing & yaayy they still had spots free – so that was moi + Froggy ready to go!

It was a 3 hour train journey from London Waterloo to Honiton (yes, you guessed correctly – a place of nothing in the middle of nowhere and does not warrant a second mention) from where we had a 15 minute taxi ride to the lovely Boswell Farm where the detoxing yoga weekend retreat was taking place.

courtyard boswell farm chillout yoga retreat uk sidford devon retreat weekend  view from studio pilates boswell farm chillout retreat yoga uk devon retreat weekend

The weekend is an absolute haven of wellness, health, feel-good, yummy freshly cooked meals, amazing body massage treatments and great happy good vibes all around – organised, managed and run by 3 wonderful sisters this weekend retreat was better than anything I could have possible expected. The yoga, pilates and meditation takes place is a beautiful converted barn atop a hill behind the farm with a gorgeous patio and a sweeping view of lush green countryside & accommodation and meals are in lovely cozy cottages on Boswell Farm.

yoga pilates boswell farm chillout retreat yoga uk devon retreat weekend  pilates studio view boswell farm chillout retreat yoga uk devon retreat weekend

You can do as little or as much as you like…and this is constantly emphasised all throughout the weekend as well, this is a retreat for your personal wellness and relaxation and you only do as much as you want to and are comfortable with, you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel up for.

The “schedule” for the weekend is basically:

intro boswell farm chillout retreat yoga uk sidford devon retreat weekend


17.00 Arrivals & welcome
18.00 Yoga
19.00 Yoga nidra
20.00 Dinner


07.45 Juices
08.00 Pilates
09.00 Breakfast
10.30 Guided walk
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Free time for spa treatments (optional – but I most highly recommend; I had 60 mins of reflexology and Froggy had a 60 min aromatherapy full body massage) and leisure
18.00 Yoga
19.00 Meditation
20.00 Dinner

walk on boswell farm chillout retreat yoga uk devon retreat weekend rafiki the dog at boswell farm sidford devon retreat weekend


8.00 Juices
08.15 Meditation
08.30 Yoga
10.00 Breakfast
11.00 Free time (Froggy and I had a great 3 hour walk to Sidmouth and the seaside and back – perfect addition to all the yoga and pilates)
14.00 Lunch
15.00 Depart….

walk at boswell farm chillout yoga retreat uk sidford devon retreat weekend   pond boswell farm chillout yoga retreat uk sidford devon retreat weekend

Yoga instruction is in Hatha Yoga by the lovely Melanie Smithson, her amazing sister Natalie does the holistic spa treatments and also some of the guided meditation, their other wonderful sister Lucy cooks up a non-stop flow of absolutely delicious vegetarian meals – feeding your mind, body and soul between the 3 of them! The atmosphere is so pleasant, relaxed, comforting and supportive you just immediately feel at home and want them to adopt you as their fourth sister really :)

The location couldn’t have been more perfect – Boswell Farm is a converted 40 acres farm in Sidford by Sidmouth in East Devon. This farm has been beautifully transformed by the inspiring and beautiful Linda Macaulay who also runs her own pilates retreats and is also a personal counsellor. Linda ran our pilates instruction as well and her passion and knowledge of pilates is amazing (she has been instructing pilates for over 16 years – and she really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y knows what she’s talking about). The combination of the lush green countryside with perfectly modern and brand new studio and equipment with the cozy cottages is perfect.

Would I go again? Duh – YES! Most definitely!

Would I recommend it? Definitely, especially to people hesitant about starting yoga/ pilates – the explanations and introductions are very welcoming and ease newbies into it perfectly well (as tried and tested on Froggy Super Sausage)

For anyone living and working in the madness of London a Chillout Retreat is an absolutely perfect treat – it’s a perfect short escape into the countryside filled with wellness, goodness and lots of loving care.

stormy dawn exeter boat seaside sidmouth dog sidmouth seaside devon

sidmouth exeter jurassic coast devon seaside england  countryside boswell farm chillout yoga retreat uk sidford devon retreat weekend

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