Coffee, books & rain

I am religiously and passionately against printed t-shirts – borderlining on militantly. Especially with any text.

Uuugggh, t-shirts with text on them, where do I even start?! They are usually always shit, generic shit, useless crap, empty shit words. Pseudo-funny pseudo-clever copycat rubbish that no one who wears understands or gives a shit about anyway. So why wear it?! STOP wearing printed tshirts. NOW. STOP NOW.

BUT then something weird just happened the other night – I came across this awesome t-shirt and I think I might need to for slumming-at-home-on-rainy-Sunday-afternoons…what think you? I would never wear it in public – that would defeat my anti-printed-tshirt-militantism and be terribly awfully embarrassing, so it would be limited to indoors and maybe the garden if no one else can see me.

It’s grey and black. Tick.

It’s 3 things I absolutely LOVE – coffee, books and rain. Tick.

coffee books rain tshirt

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