Solving a problem or running away?

I was raised to not run away from your problems, that if you did – they would only come back and haunt you. I was taught to not be an ostrich and stick your head in the sand but to face up to things – then it would be shit, it would be bad, maybe even get worse but it would be over faster and be over and done with. Easier said than done, absolutely, but quite often very true. But then what about when you get yourself stuck in something because you refuse to give up for all the wrong reasons – because it would look weak/ people would judge you/ you don’t want to disappoint your family etc. etc.?

So when I came across this quote below on pinterest this week I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. I do agree with it, but at what point does it become avoidance and running away?

But then perhaps this quote just being on Pinterest by itself is taken out of context? Because reading the author’s full blog post it makes much more sense.

solve a problem stop participating

What do you think?

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