When things go white?

My favourite colour is black.

Black is always the new black.

But I’m finding a whole new appreciating for the all-white look – what say you? A bit Russki-chic perhaps?

I’ve (so far) not been brave enough to pull this off without it being as a joke – but never say never.

cara delevigne white gorgeous sexy white summer dress

white and gold trouser outfit white beaded maxi summer dress glamour

white blazer dress pinterest white blazer on white sequin dress pinterest

white cream winter coat pinterest white dress bag shoes stylebistro pinterest white sheer sleeves pinterest

3 thoughts on “When things go white?

  1. I have been searching high and low for the designer of the top in the second last picture you posted of all white outfits. Do you know the name of the designer or where on earth I can purchase this top? It’s plaguing my dreams at night. Seriously. I have a pair of shorts and shoes that are missing this musketeer. Please help.

  2. I really really wish I could help you!! I have no idea I’m afraid – but do let me know if you manage to find it, it’s gorgeous!! Good luck!! xx

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