The most masterful Peter Lindbergh

When it comes to photography, I have many favourites. My all-time favourites are the wonderful Richard Avedon (I have spoken about, raved about and written about before) followed by the fabulously gifted Jeanloup Sieff (it is blasphemous to not put him first?) and then a whole string of others like Norman Parkinson, William Klein, Gabriel Brau and more.

Some famous photographers do make me wonder though if they just happened to be at the right place at the right time or their muses and subjects were so stunning and beautiful that anyone could have made beautiful pictures of them?

Anyway, one of the ultimate greats of the fashion photography world is without a doubt the wonderful Peter Lindbergh. Lindbergh may very well have had all the world’s most beautiful women in front of his camera, but the cutting raw aesthetic is unmistakably his own beautiful art. The now 68 year old German photographer was born in Poland in 1944, moved between Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain in his young years – I’m hesitant to use the word – but “drifting” seems to apply perfectly to what he did? He first started working for Vogue across Europe in 1978 and nowadays splits his time between Paris and Arles. Peter Lindbergh was the first fashion photographer to introduce the concept of a story line and narrative into fashion photo shoots. In 1988, Anna Wintour arrived at American Vogue and signed Lindbergh for the magazine. He shot Miss Wintour’s first, then revolutionary American Vogue, November 1988 cover.

I personally absolutely love Lindbergh’s aesthetic. This clean, raw images that are such a perfect illustration of the power of a single strong picture. Only point being that every one of his pictures is another stunning, raw, powerful picture.

Here are some examples of Peter Lindbergh’s fabulous work (all found on pinterest, none of these pictures are my own):

catherine mcneil bunny rain by peter lindbergh

madonna by peter lindbergh

mila jovovic by peter lindbergh cigarette rain

tatjana patitz by peter lindbergh peter lindbergh photography

peter lindberg photography from pinterest natalia vodianova by peter lindbergh

mila jovovich by peter lindberghcindy crawford by peter lindbergh

christy turlington by peter lindbergh ate moss by peter lindbergh photography

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