Lily Allen’s new song?

So I know I’m like two weeks late with this, but that’s because I’ve been avoiding Lily Allen’s new song and the whole discussion around it because I’m not a fan. Never been a fan. She’s alright. I don’t hate her, but in general I just find her a bit too brash and untalented to be impressed by. I just feel “Meh” about her. The same way I also feel “Meh” about Jessie J for example. Which is fine, there are a lot of very untalented mediocre people in the entertainment industry and at least Lily Allen is standing up for some pretty sound ideals and has some decent social criticisms generally speaking…compared to the likes of for example the Kardashians she is an eternal fountain of talent, skill, profound intelligence, social awareness and a role model for young girls. So she’s alright.

Anyway, her new song is supposed to be a feminist statement and a comment on the current state of the music and entertainment business and the objectification of women, coming off the back of Miley’s Wrecking Ball disaster etc etc.

The song is quite catchy actually, in an average chart pop kind of way, which is a good thing because more people will listen to what is actually a decent message and social commentary. We all know the general public has no interest in anything that might potentially seem remotely intelligent, so all intelligent things needs to be redressed in digestible bites disguised as dumb recognisable trends and something cool. Lily Allen has done this pretty well, so kudos to her for achieving that and taking her feminist message to a wider audience by doing so.

The whole shebang about the video being racist? No idea. I have no knowledge of her history or background as being a racist – if any of that is true or not. AND even if it is unconsciously or sub-consciously racist – is that really such a bad thing? Does that not draw attention to another big subject we need to work on and get over (regardless of whether this was intentional or not as far this video is concerned).

What do you think?

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