Redecorating my flat – some grey?

I’ve been meaning to paint my flat since I moved in a year ago – and am thinking grey would be lovely for the bedroom – especially if I add some thick black-out curtains and white sheets and ornaments, like a monotone bedroom? That should be soothing right?

According to some colour psychology apparently blue is the most soothing and relaxing colour for bedrooms – but I really really hate blue walls, they just remind me of hospitals in India a bit too much.

According to Feng Shui the best colours for a bedroom are “skin tones” – so anything from peach to rich chocolate brown? But then I’d probably need to also really banish my laptop from my room to be in keeping with Feng Shui?

Certain shades of yellow come in second in promoting the best night’s sleep apparently. Really?! HOW exactly is yellow supposed to be relaxing?

grey bedroom walls gray wall paint grey bedroom walls gray wall grey bedroom walls gray walls

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