A clusterfuck of a horoscope. Thanks. Merry Christmas.

Fucktits. Read my horoscope for the coming week…its basically just one giant clusterfuck ruining all festive dates…and through January as well, because why not?

Fuck this. I’m changing my beliefs to Native American totem spirit animals effective right now. As soon as I’ve found out what my spirit animal is.

24th + 25th/ Christmas: Mars and Uranus will be at direct opposition on December 24-25, a very explosive aspect that has a wide tolerance of days – a friend will say something (or do something) that may make you upset. You may have a change of heart about the person you are dating. Venus retrograde is a time to rethink and reconsider how things have been going in matters of the heart. This will be true at month’s end and throughout January.

30th: On December 30, Mars will block Pluto, possibly bringing havoc in the financial and social-romantic parts of your life.

31st/ NYE: On December 31, Mercury, your ruler, and Pluto will be at odds with Mars, and Mercury will be conjunct Pluto – a recipe for disaster.

So yeah. FML the coming days – wish me luck!!



One thought on “A clusterfuck of a horoscope. Thanks. Merry Christmas.

  1. Beliefs… I had a psychic reading today. I told her that I was okay with a neutral life as long as I wasn’t sad all the time. She got upset and told me I should be demanding and expecting nothing less than a really happy life- filled with smiles and laughter (whaa?) I get that we’re all suppose to think positively but seriously I am a complete shit magnet and don’t need to be told that everything bad that happens is due to my negative thinking. I’m not a super being- if I could manifest that must negatively surely I could also make my enemy’s heads explode with my mind (Scanners style). I’ve decided to just believe in me- and angels and God if I win the lotto. Happy New Year (get ready to sneer)! xx

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