New Year, New Walls – DUH!

I might not have made any new year’s resolutions along the lines of going to the gym, losing weight, giving up alcohol (if even for a month), quitting smoking…or any more of those things I’m never going to achieve anyway – BUT I have given myself a “fresh start” with my flat!

Last weekend I painted my bedroom walls and one of the walls in the living room – all a beautiful “dove grey” wall colour in Leyland Acrylic Emulsion in vinyl matt (just in case you wanted to know these scintillating details…because who wouldn’t?!) and this weekend we continue where we left off!

The selection of the dove grey wall paint was mostly Pinterest-inspired (yes, this shit actually happens). I think I pinned so many pictures of grey walls onto my board(s) that it turned into a subliminal self fulfilling prophecy of sorts?

grey wall paint bedroom walls gray grey walls bedroom wall paint gray

So this afternoon I have some of the girls coming around to help me out and we are going to be taking on the hallway, the living room and the kitchen & dining room – wish us luck!

What do you think?

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