Chromeo Love – YESSS!! It’s Chromeo time again!

One of my favourite bands ever – and one of the most fun bands of our times in general (FACT) is definitely Chromeo. I’ve been a huge fan of Chromeo for years now and try see them live any chance in get and have seen them a couple of times in both London and in Germany.

chromeo dave 1 p thugg

So you can imagine just how excited I am to find out that my Chromeo boys are going to be going on tour again this summer with their brand new album (about bloody time as well?!) and they are making their London gig extra easy for me to go to by having it at the Roundhouse in Camden! And yes, I have already bought 4 tickets and am most definitely going.

Am SO happy my dearest Dave 1 (David Maklovitch) and P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel) are back – and don’t you dare tell me “Come Alive” is not going to be the ultimate feel good track for the summer. FACT. The boys have don it again and I love them for it!

electro duo chromeo

electro band chromeo electonic music chromeo

chromeo chromeo electro band montreal chromeo david maklovitch pthugg

What do you think?

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