Bikini Shopping

Last week I did some bikini shopping for my upcoming holiday to beautiful Cape Town! I’m notoriously bad at bikini shopping – possibly even worse than shopping for jeans, it just seems my body is some weird shape for which bikinis are just simply not created at all?

Bandeau bikini tops make me look like a squidgy sausage and tres boobless no matter how many different ones I try.

river island mint bandeau top bikiniriver island leopard print bikini top bandeau

Underwired bikini tops make me look totally boobless and I find them a bit too underwear-y looking?

river island contrast under bikini top seafolly rose print bustier bikini top

I hate frilly bikinis with a capital H. WHO in the entire wide world does EVER look good in these?? And that is totally separate from the fact that an adult woman in a frilly bikini simply screams I-have-some-SERIOUS-Daddy-issues?

all about eve frilled bikini top asos contrast frilly navy bikini

I tan so quickly that the cage bikini tops are not a good option unless I want to spend the rest of the year with weird stripe tanlines.

asos contrast cage bikini top asos letter print aztec cage bikini top


I can’t really handle any of those retro 50’s bikinis either. I do however absolutely LOVE We Are Handsome – I have a gorgeous non-50’s bikini from them that I love!

LBR Swim Ice Cream Padded Underwired Bikini Top 50s swimsuit retro bikini We Are Handsome Sky Line Print 50's Bikini Set

Soooo, that doesn’t leave me with much choice apart from the classic trusted and much loved triangle bikini…so I got myself 2 of those – in very different styles as you can see below :) expect these two to be rocked in SA:

asos rainbow fringe halterneck bikini top black crochet triangle bikini top


What do you think?

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