Waka Waka – This Time for Africa

One of the absolute highlights of my South Africa/ Cape Town holiday was the Freshly Ground Summer Sunset Concert in the Kirstenbosch Garden.

Freshly Ground are an absolutely fabulous band and it was a dream come true to see them perform live – and IN South Africa as well! It’s not just their music that is so beautiful, it is also their passion and their positive social messages, you just come away from the concert feeling inspired, positive and passionate about the world!

If you’re wondering who Freshly Ground are and think you don’t know them, trust me you do – remember the World Cup 2010 in South Africa and the song with Shakira that went “Waka Waka”? That was Freshly Ground. And yes, they performed it here too and I was there to sing, jump and dance along as I shouted “it’s time for Africa!!”…

freshly ground concert summer sunset kirstenbosch cape town

AND maybe I shouldn’t try filming videos while I’m jumping and hopping around?? Such an epic fail on the filming front – you’d think I’d strapped my camera to the back of a franctic little puppy…seriously…

What do you think?

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