Dallas Buyers Club

As much as I have always loved Matthew McConaughey I was kind of subconsciously putting this one off because everyone kept telling me it was oh so sad and I would oh so definitely cry. But then he went and got that pesky little Oscar for it and I was regretting not having seen it in cinema yet (any excuse for cinema is a good excuse in my books – I would live inside a cinema if I could).

So well I watched it last week, and he is so bloody good and so bloody deserved that Oscar.

matthew mccounaghey and jared leto in dallas buyers club

In my humble non-professional opinion a good actor is one who can play totally different roles and be excellent at all of them (no, Keanu Reeves in Speed vs. Keanu Reeves in Matrix definitely does not count because he is totally crap in both), an actor who might be extremely good looking but not afraid to get ugly (think Charlize Theron in Monster for example), an actor who plays a part so well that he convinces you to hate him in it though you really love him (think Michael Fassbender in Fish Tank).

And Matthew McConaughey has done all of the above over and over with ease. Think “How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days” vs. ” Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation“. Think “A Time to Kill” vs. “Mud“. Think “Magic Mike vs. “The Lincoln Lawyer” and think “The Wedding Planner” vs. “Dallas Buyers Club“. You get my drift.

matthew mccounaghey extreme weight loss for dallas buyers club matthew mccounaghey in dallas buyers club movie poster

A disheveled Matthew McConaughey gets arrested in scenes for 'The Dallas Buyers Club' in New Orleans matthew mccounaghey weight loss in dallas buyers club

One thought on “Dallas Buyers Club

  1. Great review! I absolutely loved this film – so touching and horrifying at the same time. McConaughey and Leto are incredible actors and I loved seeing the pair opposite each other – really made the story with their relationship. I reviewed the film too here – http://wp.me/p3SwKd-ka – would love to know your thoughts!

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