Leggings Workout?

What is that I heard you say there? “Leggings Work Out” is it? Well considering I practically live in leggings every single day I should probably sit up and take notice of this one at least?

I have had a bit too much of burning-the-candle-at-both-ends going on since Cape Town holiday and my return – so make that about 5 weeks of double sided candle burning in a row; and I’m slowly starting to feel the side effects – poor sleep, headaches, feeling exhausted all the time, sensitive tummy and dry skin with eczema breakouts. So my body is literally shouting at me to slow it down a bit and maybe do a bit of body-detox…so I’ve decided April is going to be the perfect month to do this because:

1. all the over-zealous new year’s resolution one-offs at the gym will be gone by now

2. this should still give me enough time to get back into shape by July/ August (right?)

3. I can concentrate on all those many exams I will be taking in April

4. I can save up some money for holidays later in the year maybe

5. I’m sure there’s another great reason I can’t think of right this moment…

the leggings work out

What do you think?

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