2014 Summer Festivals?

As summer arrives upon us, it is crucial we begin to consolidate our thoughts on one of the most important questions of the year (every year) – which festival to attend this summer?!

In the past few years, my regular go-to festival has been Sonar Festival in Barcelona – which has been fabulous every single time. Another regular each year has been LoveBox Festival in Victoria Park in London. Last year I kept it fully local and very electronic in London with EDC London and SW4. This year I’m thinking I might mix it up a bit…maybe…

I’m thinking about keeping it pretty local still in and around London, but maybe not purely electronic like last year. So my options seem to be:

Wilderness Festival? (somehow related to the guys that also do the lovely Sunday Papers Live that I love going to)

LoveBox 2014?

EDC UK 2014 (it seems to have been moved to Milton Keynes and grown from 1 to 2 days this year?)

SW4 (this is happening as I already bought early bird tickets aaaages ago)

Wireless Festival 2014 (angry Kanye? sexy Drake? the one and only Sean Paul?)

Field Day

wireless festival 2014 line up poster


What do you think?

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