Bank Holiday Gig at the Lock Tavern: Boyband

Last night I was at the Lock Tavern and excited to see they had live music on in the upstairs area. The band were setting up and looking at them while they set up I couldn’t help but get the feeling that they seemed really mismatched. They had prettyboy on the bass, metallica dude on guitar, another dude in a palm tree shirt on guitar as well, a passionate average Joe on drums and what appeared to be a pasty 11 year old boy on copious amounts of cocaine wearing his 18 year old brother’s cool clothes as their lead singer. They announced themselves as “Boyband”. I wonder which of them came up with that name eh?

Oh well, happy to give anyone a chance to prove me wrong and prove that I’m being a judgmental vapid bitch who jumps to conclusions based on absolutely no facts. But sadly no, Boyband failed to convince me that they were a good set up. They seemed to be going for a cliche English indie sound, which is fine and I quite enjoy, but just weren’t getting it right.

boyband Joseph Antony Bernays new band live lock tavern Joe Van Moyland

I do think they have/ had potential though – but just not in this current setup. Just really really not in this current setup. If it was up to me I’d totally change them around to have:

Prettyboy from the bass as the lead vocalist and tell him to stop shaking his head so violently. Put Metallica dude on the bass instead. Keep the palm-tree-shirt guitarist and drummer as is. Just completely get rid of the lead vocalist. If anything, the lead vocalist was bringing down the entire band and was the worst part about them. I was starting to feel really sorry for the rest of the band for being in a band with him, but then I guess they chose to be.

boyband lock tavern gig

It was about halfway through when I was kindly informed that the singer was apparently someone called Joe Lean (born Joseph Antony Bernays) who is a drummer/ singer/ DJ/ actor. This made a bit more sense and explained why he was the lead singer and face & voice of this band – I suppose they were trying to ride whatever coattails were left over from previous accomplishments to build a profile for this new setup maybe? Unfortunately he was the main thing wrong with the band, his presence on stage was just extremely unappealing and unapproachable to the point of him seeming aggressive for no reason to an audience that was there to appreciate his “art”. You couldn’t help but oscillate wildly between feeling disgusted with his immensely displaced egomania and feeling sorry for him…but as soon as you might start feeling sorry you’d realise he is just a massive knob and feel sorry for his band instead.

joe lean boyband Joseph Antony Bernays new band live lock tavern

So all in all, they were pretty average. There was just too much going on, they definitely did not need two guitars either. They need to trim down on the noise overload, scrap the singer, streamline their look much more so they stop looking like 4 random guys that just met in a pub and change their name…that could really work. Maybe.

Boyband were followed by another gig – a trio under the name of PAWWS – and that was a totally different story. PAWWS were absolutely awesome and I loved every single second of their gig and everything about them. Dedicated review coming up soon!

lock tavern gig pawws boyband

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