Put your paws together for Pawws!

As mentioned in the previous blog post, I am embracing Camden’s live music scene a lot lately and my most recent gig was one at the Lock Tavern over the Bank Holiday weekend. The second band to come on at the Lock Tavern on Sunday was a wonderful trio called PAWWS – or as they very kindly explained to me afterwards (I bumped into the drummer having a ciggy outside), it’s all about their very humble and entirely charming singer Lucy Taylor who is the artist.

lock tavern gig pawws boyband

They came to set up after the previous band – Joe Lean’s new Boyband which was absolutely awful – had finally finished. My first impression was to think “Uuugghh, do we really need another band tonight after the ear-rape we’ve just been put through?” but watching them set up I decided I shouldn’t judge these guys based on the other band that they had nothing to do with AND as soon as Singer Lucy Taylor started stringing up her little fair lights I started to fall in love already. Love fairy lights.

My friend overheard them tell someone they were “80s electro pop” – which also sounds promising, I love me some electro pop any day from Chromeo (I will be seeing live for the 4th time at the Roundhouse next week) to Kavinsky to La Roux (whatever happened to her by the way?!).

pawws music electro pop lucy taylor live at lock tavern camden

They finished setting up and starting performing. Lucy Taylor started singing in her sweet, fragile-sounding, high voice and personified every inch the perfect delicate shy English Rose. I wasn’t too sure about headpiece she was wearing, nor the lingerie-esque navy blue jumpsuit, but it wasn’t offensive. Her band consisted of a fabulously minimal duo of Danish-Vietnamese brothers with whom she apparently started collaborating about a year ago. They fit together perfectly, from the sound to the aesthetics. The brothers seems very conscious of staying in the background and being respectful of Lucy’s talent and art, there is absolutely no clash of egos or bad energy with this trio. My friend (who is also a musician and producer) reckoned they could do with a bit of bass or guitar but I’m not too sure – sound-wise a hint of bass maybe, but from the band’s aesthetic and look a guitar would look off…unless it was a very kawaii delicate girl on a bass maybe…but then that would distract from Lucy, so maybe not.

So go forth my dear friends, discover, explore and fall in love with the most lovely PAWWS.

Their next performance is going to be at Field Day in Victoria Park – for which I am seriously considering getting tickets only just to see PAWWS. Yes, that is how much I like them.

pawws band electro pop lucy taylor live at lock tavern camden

Lucy Taylor comes across as very approachable, genuine, fragile and endearing. You could see that the audience loved her straightaway and the number of people wanting to speak to her after the gig was amazing! She has excellent presence on stage, an aura of modesty, appreciation and gratitude towards her audience and she was so terrible at marketing and selling herself that I couldn’t figure out the name of the band and my friend had to go up to her post-performance and ask her for me. GIRL you are fuckin’ awesome,you gotta sell yourself more!!

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