More Gymspiration Needed!

With exactly one month left to go until it’s LoveBox Festival in July, I’m starting to panic about my gymspiration!! I am nowhere near where I want to be in the weight, body fat %, bmi and measurements and am running out of time!! Eeeekkkk!

Today I had a great workout – a solid two hours of interval, cardio and strength training but then I was so hungry after that I totally binged with I got home…it started out ok with an avocado salad but soon entered the no-no territory of two entire packs of biscuits!! WHAT is wrong with my brain??

I think my main hurdles are sugar, carbs, sugar, sugar…and uh sugar. I just love sugar. And oh yeah, I absolutely love carbs too.

Looking at my measurements – my main problem is not my BMI, visceral fat or even necessarily my weight (considering I’m quite tall for a girl) – my overriding problem is my body fat % – which is absolutely killing me.

SO – my challenge for the next month is to work on reducing my body fat percentage as much as possible, focus on: eat breakfast properly, increase fibre and protein intake, cut down on sugar and carbs, no snacking or later night eating, trying to sleep well, dribking lots of water and continuing my gym routine (the gym is the least of my problems really).

So as of today, we are looking at:

Weight: 64 kgs

BMI: 21.0

Body Fat %: a whopping 33% – there was a time 2 years ago when this was 17%!!!! WTF!

Visceral Fat: 3


What would I like it to be, ideally?

Weight: 58 kgs

BMI: 19-20

Body Fat %: 20 – 22% pleeeaassee

Visceral Fat: 3 is fine I guess? So all my fat is just outside?!

As you can see from the picture below – my 33% body fat percentage is most definitely taking me to the wrong side of the spectrum here!



What do you think?

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