Special Flower Pots?

I love gardening. I know it’s often considered boring, slow, lame and meant for old people. But gardening is beautiful and very satisfying and fulfilling. Planting something from a tiny seed, watching it grow, watering it and repotting it, making sure it gets sun, seeing it bloom in beautiful coloured flowers or eating the yummy tomato, aubergine or mint you’ve grown from seed feels good.

However, I have noticed I’m not really very good with the planters and flower pots that I use – I tend to use, re-use and re-use again the crappy plastic plant pots in ugly brown, black or dark green. I should look into jazzing up my planting pots and so I took to trusted Pinterest to see what is out there in the fascinating and exciting world of flower pots…

bright colour flower pots flower pot twigseaster island statue tiki head flower pot flower pot rubber tyre upcycle recycle refurbish

flower pots in refurbish shoes upcycle recycle flower pots in refurbish chair planter upcycle recyclesolid gold flower pot plant

What do you think?

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