Maybe it’s finally time?

When I was young (very young) and a bright-eyes idealistic teenager I wanted to save the world.

I wanted to go to university and study Political Science and then work for a humanitarian/ development NGO. In high school I focused on history, geography and languages and did every single Model UN and Model EU there was to be done. I was going to work for UNHCR or UNICEF or MSF or the ICRC…nothing else and nothing less was going to be an option.

When I turned 20 all of this beautifully constructed dream came crashing down – let’s call it a complicated combination of poor judgement & disillusionment on my part, extremely poor parenting on my father’s part and a general lack of money in my life to pay any sort of rent which all made me drop out of university at 2.5 years in to start working in marketing & advertising full-time.

In the years since this has proven to be very beneficial and has blessed me with many good jobs, enabled me to move to, work and live in London, helped me travel to new places and made me many wonderful friends. However I have not been able to shake off the nagging feeling that I’m really not contributing to the world very much in the way I had always dreamed of doing.

In the past months my little world has turned upside down again and I find myself having to rethink and reconsider a lot if not all of my options, and it’s got me wondering if maybe now is the time for me to finally bite that bullet and go back to NGO-land? I am toying with the idea of trying to re-train in humanitarian skills while still trying to pay my rent with my marketing experience and to finally make that full career transition that I have been dreaming of all these past years but telling myself would be impossible.

On va voir.



What do you think?

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