Getting to know the French Poodle

I had actually never met a French Poodle before but for some reason had decided they didn’t make it on my top 5 dog list. This weekend I met two wonderful French poodles and I don’t understand why they’re not in my top 5 all time favourite dogs? french poodle roxy and tallulah french poodles french poodle roxy french poodles


Apparently the Poodle was originally bred in Germany but later standardised in France, hence it now is the French Poodle. They are very intelligent, docile, calm, friendly, affectionate and seem to be quite skillful and obedient as well – the Standard Poodle has won the Crufts Show “Best in Show” in 1955, 1985, 2002 and 2014 and the Toy Poodles seem to have won it a couple of times as well.

The poodles that I had the pleasure of meeting were Standard Poodles – or the full sized big ones. Apparently there were originally used for duck hunting as well as for other birds and they’re really good in water.  In 1942, the Poodle was one of 32 breeds officially classified as war dogs by the Army and were even trained and used for military purposes.

The main reason I probably never had the poodle on my favourites list is the silly hairstyles their coats get trimmed into – am definitely not a fan, but the two I met this weekend (as in the pictures above) were very natural looking which makes a big (positive) difference and makes them much more approachable and look friendly instead of snobby. Or perhaps it’s the owners that are often the snobby ones and this reflects on the dogs and the way they groom their dogs into silly looks? I wonder if this is why I’m also no fan of Chihuahuas or Pugs? Maybe its the cliche owners that put me off and I shouldn’t be judging the dogs by their owners? french poodle rope skipping french poodle with cary grant poodle french poodle with elvis poodle photo french poodle with grace kelly french poodle with winston churchill poodle photo

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