SW4 Festival – outfit change?

Last year for SW4 I was wearing denim cutoffs and a vest with a bikini underneath & studded black ankle boots.

I had a black backpack and put everything in there when it started raining and danced around in my bikini.

When it stopped raining and my skin was dry again I put on my dry clothes again and everyone around in their drenched clothes wished they’d had the idea. Strangers came up asking to take pictures with me and were buying me drinks for my ‘genius’ outfit idea.

This year? Supposedly going to be 20-22 degrees celsius and cloudy but no rain. We’ll see about that.

And NO we do not wear those ridiculous flower headbands:

girls at festivals be like

So what should I consider wearing this time?

I’m thinking Adidas Original x Farm Floralina shorts with basic grey scoop back body maybe?

adidas floralina shorts classic shorts hotpants  3d Gold plus signasos grey body top scoop back

Do we need a jacket?

A light simple one we can just fold and put into a bag and only crack out if it rains…something that weighs nothing preferably.

Do we need a bag?

Am I going to need a bag for the jacket then? Or can I just make do with the bumbag? But the shorts don’t have pockets either…grrr…looks like we might be needing a bag after all. Ugh, not keen.

Uuuugh, not thought about the shoes yet either…

What do you think?

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