Happy Independence Day Motherland!

Today is a national day of celebration in the country of my birth – it is the Independence day of India.

What would Nehru and Gandhi say if they could see the headlines India is making around the world these days, the communal violence that is internally ripping society apart, the abuse and degradation that Indian mothers, sisters, wives and daughters are being afflicted?

In recent times India has regressed a lot with the reversal of gay rights in 2013, countless rapes and abuse of women across the country & the election of a right-wing government and a prime minister and ruling party that has the blood of the 2002  Gujarat massacres on their hands – and very close ties to the organisation of Gandhi’s assassin being the political offshoot of the RSS – this year.

I hope and know deep inside that my dear Motherland will find the strength and wisdom to do what it is right and get back on the track of progress, righteousness and glory.

indian flag 15 august independence day

15 august 1947 hindustan times independence india

What do you think?

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