Dream Catcher Tattoo – yay or nay?

I know I will be getting more tattoos, its just a question of when, what and where. My latest ideas are a throw up between dream catchers and Hamsa hands.

I am usually not a fan of people who get tattoos that are not part of their own culture unless they can show a personal connection to it, I think all tattoos should be extremely personal and considered and have meaning. Which is probably also why I am not sure about getting either a dreamcatcher or a Hamsa because neither of them are really from “my” culture and I do not want to offend anyone who might think I do not give it the right respect it deserves.

A Dream Catcher carries a lot of symbolism in Native American cultures, but seems to have originated with the Ojibwe people. The traditional Ojibwe dream catcher has the purpose of protecting the sleeping individual from bad dreams and nightmares, only letting good dreams through. The nightmares would get caught up in the web, and be destroyed when the first rays of the sun touch the dreamcatcher than has trapped them. According to the Lakota however it works the other way round – catching the good dreams which then slide down to the sleeper through the dangling feathers.

As someone who has always and still does struggle to get a good night’s sleep and has been having nightmares for years I’d love to make this work for me, I’ve been wanting to buy a dreamcatcher for my bedroom for years but am too fussy and can’t seem to find one that I like enough to purchase…so my many nights of nightmares seem to continue…



dream catcher tattoo hip placement

 dream catcher tattoo ankle dream catcher tattoo arm dream catcher tattoo back simple

dream catcher tattoo hip inside

  dream catcher tattoo large back dream catcher tattoo left ribs side small

dream catcher tattoo neck behind ear tattoo dream catcher tattoo shoulder right

dream catcher tattoo small  right side dream catcher tattoo small back dream catcher tattoo thigh large

dream catcher tattoo wrist dreamcatcher tattoo hand


What do you think?

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