That perfect black backpack?

Come next month I might start using my bicycle again, but then I do say that almost every month I suppose.

But this time I mean it though!

I have the bike, I have the gold helmet, I have the lock, I have the high viz jacket – BUT I don’t have the perfect backpack – which is obviously whats been holding me back. Duh.

And as Black is ALWAYS the new Black I think I should venture out to find the “perfect” black backpack which will undoubtedly bring out my inner cycling fiend…I am half Dutch after all. Innit.

asos black quilted backpack rucksack asos quilted backpack black

The sensible little voice in my head (which is very very little indeed) tells me I should start out cheap – not blow money on this backpack malarkey until I know for sure I’ll really be using it/ them. So start on a budget – like this ASOS Quilted Backpack which is only £25. BUT we live in London and is it actually waterproof?? How do we find out?

etsy black backpack satchel synthetic

Then Etsy has this satchel-y kind of backpack also for £25 – made of “synthetic leather” – read PVC? Read ‘waterproof’? The product description is pretty useless – I quote “Personalized design of this backpack is fashion and convenient for you.The style of the backpack is brief , which shows your outstanding temperament.” – really? What language is that really??

eastpack special shearling leather backpack

Then we jump into designer territory with this collaboration between old-school backpack dinosaurs Eastpak and London-based designer Nicomede Talavera. Eastpak is definitely clawing its way back (actually…’back’? were they even ever cool before?) into “cool” territory with all of their recent designer collaborations, their team seem to have a good eye for spotting the right up and coming designers to collab with so kudos to them. Also being Eastpak you can probably be sure it’s high quality and very durable and I’m assuming it functions as a pretty good computer backpack because its padded. It does come with a steep price tag of £195 and is made of shearling and leather – the product description doesn’t say if it’s waterproof, but I’m just going to assume it is right?!? Is it…?

tumi black mesabi leather backpack satchel

Last but not least – this leather satchel backpack by travel connoisseurs TUMI for a sweet £236. I don’t know if I would ever spend that much money on a backpack, but if I did then I’m guessing this one would probably be one of the best possible investments in the category: 100% leather, multiple pockets, special laptop backpack compartment and fuck – it’s TUMI, you know it’s never ever going to break.


What do you think?

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