adidas – Fall of the Wall

I am a self confessed adidas girl any day (sorry Nike friends) and can usually find no fault with pretty much anything they come up with (as I chav around in my retro bright pink adidas tracksuit)…but not sure how I feel about this little trio of sneakers that they are launching to commemorate the 25 year anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Does this pay genuine homage to what happened in Berlin back in 1989 or is it just plain disrespectful? Is it a genius way of channeling education and awareness of history through Alpha, Bravo and Charlie into ze everyday lives of ze youf or is it just a cheap gimmick?

I lived in Germany for  8 years. Originally it was not a voluntary move (such moves don’t tend to be at that age), but it definitely grew on me over the years and I kind of grew up there going to high school, a bit of university, getting my first job, falling in love, falling out of love, making some of the most amazing friends in the world…I have a lot of love for Germany, the German language, some Kartoffelknoedel and some Augustiner beer and pretty much all things German in general.

While I was working in Germany there was all sorts of things sucking most of my precious little money out of my pokey little salary – a pretty hefty income tax, health care, pension, old age care, unemployment care (yes apparently all these are separate charges) and the one that fascinated me the most – the “Solidarity Surcharge“. This Solidarity Surcharge is calculated as an automatic 5.5% on your taxation and unlike the very questionable Kirchensteuer (Church Tax) that I was able to get out of (I think), this solidarity thing was something you can’t opt out of. It just happens. It’s kind of annoying but fascinating at the same time.

The solidarity surcharge was introduced in 1991 and was mostly justified by the costs of German reunification since the Fall of The Wall in 1989. Never mind that it was introduced as a temporary emergency measure but is still in place and considered quite controversial nowadays.

Berlin Wall Mauerfall, 1989

So during my employed adult life in Germany I was directly and personally affected by the Fall of The Wall and the German reunification every single month despite not having been present during the upheaval, being of neither West nor East German origin and having nothing to do with it at all really.

I also have a very close friend who experienced the worst of it himself – his mother was caught while trying to escape from the DDR to West Germany carrying him as a baby in 1985 and incarcerated while he was put into an orphanage and given up for adoption…personally knowing people who have lived through such experiences first-hand brings it much closer to home and is actually quite mind blowing.

Maybe it is for this reason that I am particularly fascinated by the launch of the adidas Originals Fall of the Wall trio of sneakers expected to drop tomorrow to commemorate the 25 years of the Fall and the German Unification.


So coming back to my original questions:

Does this little trio of sneakers pay genuine modern day homage to what happened in Berlin back in 1989 or is it disrespectful?

Is it a genius way of channeling and carrying history and awareness through Alpha, Bravo and Charlie into your everyday life or is it just a cheap gimmick?

I haven’t made up my mind yet, the jury is still out…but then I also definitely wouldn’t say no to a pair of the pink Bravo Adidas Fall of the Wall trainers so who am I to have a say about this anyway?

adidas zx 8000 fall of the wall

adidas-originals-berlin-wall-bravo adidas-originals-zx-8000-fall-of-the-wall-pack-alpha adidas-originals-zx-8000-fall-of-the-wall-pack-charlie


What do you think?

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