WTF happened to the “angels”…??

Aaaahhh, the phenomenon that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – an annual show of outrageous extravaganza that has a huuuuge fanbase and an equally huge pool of critics and detractors.

There are a million different angles from which to approach the angels – but from a branding and marketing point of view it’s fabulous, no doubt about it. It achieves everything it needs to achieve and beyond.

As a teenager and in my early tweens I used to love the angels, they were the most beautiful women in the world to me and I could only dream of ever looking even remotely like any of them (yes yes, my feminist fire had not yet been stirred – but even today I do very much appreciate a hot and sexy woman any day and let’s not kid ourselves – they are models for a lingerie brand, they need to be sexy and wearing very little). I have religiously watched hours and hours of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on youtube (and have my own favourites over the years – 2006 with JT’s “sexy back” was definitely a good one, also an all time favourite is Tyra Banks doing her Flamenco segment).

This year, for the first time ever the VSFS was in London – my home of choice – so I should be super excited right? The show was last night and I somehow can’t help but feel really “MEH” about it somehow…

For starters – the main performance of the night was Ed Sheeran. No. Just no. Then there was Swifty and Grande – also no. You know things are really bad when I think Swifty is the best thing there because I can’t stand her.

Then, as I perused as many photos as I could get my hands/ eyes on I couldn’t help but feel I was missing something…I was missing actual sexiness, real hotness – where was Tyra’s banging body with real boobs? Where was Naomi’s legit fierceness? Where were the bonafide bombshells Bundchen, Kurkova and Klum? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not really a fan of say for example Heidi Klum (boring and lame) or Gisele Bunchen (self-obsessed and vapid) as people – BUT for the show they fucking brought it in a big way and OWNED it.


SO – can someone please tell me WTF has happened to the Angels? The only hotties left are veterans Adriana Lima and Lily Aldridge, and to some extent Doutzen Kroes (though Dutch homegirl needs to get her curves back!) delivered as well. But the rest just seemed like an anorexic bunch of hollow characterless plastic dolls…??

Where are the curves, the pizzazz, the fierceness, the character, the attitude…where is the fucking va va voom?

And – WHERE ARE THE FUCKING BOOBS? I can accept that in a fashion week high fashion runway show the models are boobless, but at VSFS?

victorias secret fashion show gisele victorias secret fashion show heidi klum red

victorias secret fashion show heidi klum snowflake victorias secret fashion show naomi

victorias secret fashion show tyra angel 9th Annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

victorias secret fashion show tyra banks and naomi campbell victorias secret fashion show tyra banks runway

victorias secret fashion show tyra banks young victorias secret fashion show tyra black corset


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