2012 vs. 2014 eh?

I came across my blog post “Thank you 2012” yesterday and it gave me much food for thought. I had been starting to get worried that I was turning into a horrible bitter person who never expressed any gratitude and didn’t appreciate when I had good times and good things, but I’m not that bad after all. Yay!

So, compared to 2012, how does 2014 hold up?

My house/ living situation: I lost my darling beloved little Camden flat that I absolutely loved, loved, loved – this was a significant personal blow but to the rescue came my best friend who made it possible for me to move into her house where I have now been since August. I live in a big house with a garden where I have a big room, it is a great location and with really wonderful and lovely people, I am very very grateful to live here.

My friends: I very much still have the most lovely and amazing friends who have really made me feel loved and supported this year & have been there for me whenever I needed them, I cannot thank them enough – Tasha, Marie, Niki, Samantha, Josi, Winnie, Marge, Eli, Kate, Jennie, Jimmy, Stef, Timmy & Jo…I love you so much! Thank you.

My work: my professional life went through an unexpected surprising change in April, and even though I am not yet fully back on my feet just yet I am trying to tell myself that everything happens for the best and that I am learning and growing from it every single day.

My family: I spent time with my father again for the first time in almost a decade at my Grandmother’s birthday in March, this was a landmark moment for both of us and the whole family, it also went better than expected. Unfortunately since then, my dear aunt Nancy has become extremely sick with a very aggressive cancer which has resulted in her being in a hospice right now. We do not know how long she will still be with us for, she is in severe pain and she is on my mind every single day and I’m trying to spend as much time as possible in Holland with her and the family.

My health: my health has taken a few blows this year – combination of both physical and mental – I have started having physical panic attacks (the first one made me dial emergency services), terrible sleeping problems, exhaustion, migraines, ice pick headaches and the most severe back pains. Finally things seem to be getting better, my panic and anxiety seems to be improving and my back pain getting better as well. Unfortunately the terrible situation with my aunt’s health continues to affect my sleep and mental health.

I really hope that new year 2015 will be much better, I’m determined to make it better than 2014 in terms of my health & fitness, in terms of my work situation and my financial situation. I’d also like to travel much more, to follow my hobbies more with more travel, writing, painting and photography. I just wish for a year of calm and stability to be able to get my grounding back and find my groove again and spend quality time with the people I love, no more drama, no more stress.


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