I went to Body Combat – POW!

Last week I tried out a new fitness class (ie. new for me) called Body Combat that I’ve watched other people do over the past years but never tried myself – I’ve been quite scared of it, but decided my jiggly bits are reaching a whole new level of jiggle that requires drastic measures…

AND wowsers, it is so full on! This body combat class really showed how terribly, insanely, disgustingly out of shape I really am – pow pow all the way! I really pushed it and thought I was going to be sick and needed to throw up halfway through the class…luckily I didn’t!

Here’s a little breakdown of all the different classes gyms tend to normally do – I have only done Body Pump (quite a few times) and now Body Combat – but thinking of trying out the Body Attack as well maybe – I’m going to keep doing Body Combat until I get really good at it FFS!

body pump body combat bosy attack RPM


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