The past week seem to be some sort of bizarre test of my faith in the human race.

From sneakers to rape and murder, people just don’t make sense anymore.

The smallest and most insignificant things are being blown out of proportion and the most awful and horrific are being downplayed and made to seem insignificant when they are anything but.

We have ISIS beheading and setting innocent people on fire alive and teenagers running away from homes and schools to join them in this barbarism, we have rapists and their defence lawyers blaming their victims for their crimes, we have random knuckleheads kicking off with racist and misogynist abuse for not being able to get a pair of silly sneakers that no one will care about next week anyway. Police officers are beating unarmed homeless people to death and shooting black teenagers for wearing hoodies. Fifteen year old boys are getting stabbed as they ride their bicycles down busy main roads.

It’s all gone crazy, and not in a good way.

More and more I just wish I could withdraw myself from the general public and their distorted views on what is and isn’t acceptable and warped nonsensical idea of logic and ‘sense’. Sometimes I think all I really want is to just withdraw into a forest. I just feel like I have turned into some sort of old conservative lady who is looking at the world and shaking her head not being able to grasp what is going on and how we could let it get this far out of hand.

Is it really that hard to not be nice? Just be nice.

Try not to be a cunt.

That is really all there is to it, that is all everyone needs to do.

try not to be a cunt quote buddha

What do you think?

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