New Favourite Designer: Rundholz

For a couple of years now one of my absolute favourite contemporary designers has been the Dutch label called studio RUIG. I love the way studioRUIG combine different materials and textures, textiles and leathers. I love their minimal colour palette and their avant-garde cuts and design. I generally have a soft spot for designers that veer into the unisex direction and experiment with textures and materials and studioRuig do this extremely well.

Today I’ve discovered another brand that has just got me falling me in love at first sight – Studio Rundholz from Germany. This should come as absolutely no surprise as I am also a huge fan of the bigger brands such as Ann Demeulemeester, Helmut Lang and Y-3 and Rundholz fit into this same aesthetic stream quite seamlessly. I love designers who venture beyond just the classical world of clothing and accessories and blend in elements of visual arts and architecture through their use of material, shape and texture – as if they are almost sculpting their pieces the way a sculptor would would work with stone, plaster and concrete.

The label has brought out three collections for SS15 – Mainline, Black Label and Dip. My personal favourites are dip and mainline – the more I look at them, the more I love them. Here are some for your initial oggling – but please do visit their website for full collections and info –

studio rundholz black label grey dress ss15 studio rundholz black label grey print

studio rundholz dip black cardigan studio rundholz dip collection cocoon dress black

studio rundholz mainline black coatstudio rundholz mainline grey dress chunky knit scarf

studio rundholz mainline shoes studio rundholz mainline shorts women

studio rundholz mainline ss15 studio rundholz mainline tank dress

What do you think?

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