Searching for Silver…on Boden

Some time back I went to a work event where we all received goodie bags to take with at the end of the event. Usually they’re full of crap, useless stuff you’d never want anyway. But this time the goodie bag contained a knee length pair of the softest, warmest and most comfortable home/ house socks I have ever owner – and this was how I came to own my first piece of Boden and discovered the brand. I have suspisions that my best friend has since then stolen these socks off me…I haven’t seen them in a while and the last time I saw them they were on her feet…hmmm.

It is spring/ summer now, so not too likely I’ll find a pair of fluffy warm knee length socks anywhere anytime soon, but that didn’t stop me from having a look around the Boden website (who knows, you might just find the perfect socks?!) and I ended up finding a whole bunch of other cute summer stuff – I went down a silver path, and here are some of my favourite finds:

boden espadrille silver boden

boden silver backpack womens boden

boden leather silver flipflops boden summer

boden maida vale silver bag leather boden


What do you think?

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