Beautiful Men: Michael Fassbender

I just realised that I only ever did two “Beautiful Men” blog posts on this blog – so we clearly need to change this asap.

The two “Beautiful Men” featured so far have been the most wonderful Viggo Mortensen and the ever-cute Robert Downey Jr.

Today we feature a man who may not have had a “Beautiful Men” feature yet – BUT I have very much been going on about how much I love him – going as far back as 2012 actually – “Had I Mentioned…?” probably happened shortly after I watched Fish Tank…then he appeared again when I wrote about Shame and also 12 Years a Slave…so let’s just make it official and put him into “Beautiful Men” shall we?

michael fassbender smoking

michael fassbender 01 michael fassbender 02 michael fassbender 03 michael fassbender 04

michael fassbender 05 michael fassbender 08 michael fassbender 06 michael fassbender 07

What do you think?

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