Kerafiber Serum – with Argan Oil

It’s not easy taking care of my super dry frizzy hair – there’s a LOT of conditioner involved and most times even then that doesn’t guarantee results, so often I back up by adding leave-in conditioner or serum either during or after drying my hair.

Argan Oil is one of my favourite hair treatments, I used to use the Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner in the past and recently came across the Kerafiber Argan Oil Serum whilst trying out their shampooand conditioner. I applied it to my towel-dry hair last night and voila, I can walk around with my hair down today! Definitely worth packing when on holiday!

kerafiber serum argan oil

A Wonder Woman Wash Bag?

I recently (while packing in the past few days) realised that my current wash bag that I take with when travelling is absolutely ancient and is extremely desperate need of replacement. It still dates back to the time I used to live in Germany and even back then it had only been a quick last minute drugstore emergency purchase for lack of time and choice…and now almost ten years later I’m still stuck with a hideous neon pink toiletry bag…time to replace!

HOWEVER, I know I should be grown up and get myself an “adult” travel toiletry case, but I’m SO tempted to also go for a little retro Wonder Woman wash bag + make up bag combo from Truffle Shuffle!! Maybe if I also go buy myself a really serious adult wash bag I can get away with getting these on the side as well? Maaaybe…

Retro DC Comics Wonder Woman Face Glitter Wash Bag

Retro Wonder Woman Cosmetic Case

Retro Wonder Woman Satin Wash Bag

Wonder Woman Glitter Print Logo Wash Bag

Coming Soon: CocoGenix Collagen Cream

Another new product that I have been introduced to recently and that will be reviewed soon is a brand new face cream – COCOGENIX Pro-Collagen Cellular Repair Complex.

I have very sensitive skin that is prone to bad reactions and bouts of eczema, so fingers crossed we won’t see any of that!

COCOGENIX Pro-Collagen Cellular Repair Complex

Personally I am a huge fan of Korean beauty brands like Missha and La Neige, so it’s going to be interesting for me to review a different brand for a change – but it claims to harness the powers of coconut oil and I do like a bit of coconut oil for either hair or skin so I’m giving these guys a chance. It also claims to contain the classic must-have ingredients like fortified Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid which is reassuring.