Rediscovering – Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla – Indian Designer

Ladies & Gentlemen – I present to you – Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. Also known as Abu Sandeep and launching their new international collection under the name Jani Khosla.

“Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla” is a familiar name in the wedding and couture scene in India. Formed by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla in 1986, the label has flourished into one of India’s premier couture names, and worn on the red carpet by the likes of Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Freida Pinto and Sophie Marceau.

abujani sandeep khosla sonam skirt abujanisandeepkhosla aishwarya rai 01 abujanisandeepkhosla magazine 01 abujanisandeepkhosla magazine 02 abujanisandeepkhosla sonam jaya bachchan kapadia abujanisandeepkhosla sonam kapoor cannes abujanisandeepkhosla sonam kapoor

abujanisandeepkhosla suzanne khan abujanisandeepkhosla judi dench

Happy Independence Day India!!

independence day india

Today is India’s 66th Independence Day – I wish all my friends, family, brothers & sisters, aunties & uncles a very very Happy Independence Day India!!

In line with my proudly feminist post on my Kirpan Necklace yesterday – my favourite Independence Day wish comes from my beloved Shahrukh Khan:

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan says his Independence Day wish is that men and women should be treated equally in the country.

“The place I have reached, I feel freedom to have your own thoughts and belief is very important. I hear everyday about women not being treated properly. I want women to be free and be given equal opportunity like men,” he told reporters here at an event.

“I want happy and free lives for women. India is the most diverse country, so I feel it should be free from non secular thoughts,” he added.”


Indian Bridal Henna – beautiful!

I may not have been back home for many years, but that doesn’t mean that my deep love for India and my appreciation of all things beautifully Indian does not grow by the day. I love and miss India and I am very proud to have been born and raised in India.

bridal henna indian bride bangles

The Indian bridal henna is something quintessentially and beautifully Indian. Applied on the day and night of the Mehendi celebration before the day of the actual wedding ceremony where all the women young and old come together to adorn and beautify the bride, eat delicious food and sing great songs to celebrate the “giving away” of the bride and her beauty, her marriage, her future. The older women bless the bride, the bride blushes & young girls giggle ;)

indian brida henna bridal bangles

indian bride henna bridal lehnga choli

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