Slowly coming back to it…

A post on the 25th of February – 2 months ago.

The post before that on the 10th of April 2016, over a year ago.

I’ve not been writing much lately.

But I’m coming back. Slowly.

The more I read, the more it’s bringing me back to writing. To wanting to write.


Memories are such a funny thing aren’t they?

The past two weeks I’ve been applying the KonMari Method of tidying to my house, going through every individual thing and asking myself if it makes me happy.

It’s a bizarrely thorough process of decluttering, one that at the beginning seems quite over the top and you ask yourself if it’s all really necessary. But while you’re doing it, something changes. It becomes much more than just tidying away things. You remember the fabulous little boutique where you bought those slippers. You remember wandering the streets of a wonderful city till your feet blistered and your ankles hurt. You remember the holiday you wore this dress on, the person you were with, you see the waves on the beach.

And then it just keeps getting harder and harder. You get to the point where you come across stacks of old postcards and photographs.

Hand-written words.

Stolen moments that for some reason meant enough to you to print out the picture.

How much you’ve changed and how ridiculously little you’ve changed.


We hang on to things long gone and we try protect ourselves from the future.

Because we don’t hang on to things, we hang on to memories.


A “to-do” list for 2016?

Something I’ve been doing the past few years is make a to-do list for the year every year. Nothing too detailed, just really general topline “goals” to keep reminding myself of stuff I want to do. I keep this list on my phone and update it all the time but the general core stays the same.

So I’ve just been putting together my list for 2016 – so let’s see what I’ve got on the list so far:

  1. Do a Spanish course – Spanish has long been one of my favourite languages, I want to travel South America more and I also have the Spanish wedding in September 2016 – so a perfect excuse to do a Spanish course right?
  2. Learn how to play golf – now this is going to be a loooong process, but I’d like to get started in 2016. I’d like to have an outdoor activity that clears my mind, that calms me down, that makes me a bit more balanced and less anxious.learn how to play golf for women
  3. Travel to either Belize or Honduras – maybe over Easter? I have no idea if that is a good time to visit the area, but I’ll look it up…                                                                                               roatan island honduras beach
  4. Travel to Istanbul – always been on the top of my list and it’s really just a long weekend, so I need to get my shit together and get this one off the list                                                  istanbul sunset
  5. Finally learn to drive and get my driving license – I got halfway through this in 2014 before giving up – so I need to pick up where I left off and finish this one
  6. Visit Banff in Canada – my Pinterest is full of beautiful pictures of Banff and Jasper and this coming summer might be the time I finally make it over?                                              banff national park canadian rockies canada
  7. Lose weight – this is a serious biggie, over the past 18 months I have put on SO much weight. Only in the past 5 months alone I’ve put on over 6kgs – I really really really need to lose atleast 12kgs running rhino on treadmill dreams to be unicorn
  8. Run 10K for charity – I last did this in 2013 when I did my previous weight loss (that I have now waaaay more than put back on) and it’s a good motivation to getting fit and losing weight as it gives me a fixed date/ deadline to work towards
  9. Save money – I need to start thinking of buying a flat, getting a mortgage and getting my life together – I need to grow up and out of my current juvenile lifestyle, there’s no point putting this off or avoiding this anymore, the more I put it off the more painful it’s going to get                                                                             drake make it rain
  10. Visit the Fjords in Norway – maybe a bit similar to Banff/ Canada but again one that’s been collecting digital online dust on my Pinterest and needs to be ticked off the list

Soooo….that’s my list so far, what do you think is missing and needs to be added?