I LOVE: Millenium Mambo

One of my favourite movies of ALL time – “Millenium Mambo” by Hsou Hsiao Hsien featuring the beautiful Shu Qi.

One of the BEST, most delicate, hauntingly beautiful opening scenes ever. One of the BEST closing scenes ever. Amazing soundtrack by Lim Giong.

Working as a hostess in a trendy bar, a young beauty finds herself mercilessly torn between two men; Hao-hao, her neurotic and jealous live-in boyfriend and Jack, the mysterious and enterprising gangster who may be her undoing. Set against the intoxicating and decadent background of modern day Hong Kong, Millennium Mambo chronicles the fleeting, finite blooming of a young woman. Featuring a radiant performance from Hong Kong starlet Shu Qi (So Close, The Transporter), and photographed with playful luminescence by Mark Lee Ping-bing (In The Mood For Love, Springtime In A Small Town). From the master filmmaker Hou Hsiao Hsien (Flight Of The Red Balloon, Flowers Of Shanghai).

What Maisie Knew (2012)

About a week ago I watched a movie that really really got under my skin. The only reason I watched it was because it kept showing up on my Netflix recommendations over and over and I thought if I just watched it then it would stop showing up.

WOW. Ultimate cry-my-eyes-out-bawl-fest that turned out to be.

There was just SO MUCH in this movie that just reminded me of different parts of my own life and my childhood I was completely emotionally blown away – I spent at least a solid hour bawling my eyes out without really knowing exactly why. Being schlepped around to parents’ work, having complete strangers watch over me, my parents constantly forgetting to pick me up from school, making my own food at age 6, parents fighting, parents going away far for long periods of time, being used as a pawn between parents…the list goes on. BOOM. POW. BAWL.

Movie: “Adore” with Robin Wright

I have always liked Robin Wright but never actively looked out for her movies – this has all changed since House of Cards. I absolutely LOVE her in HoC and this made me go looking for her other work. I came across a movie I’d never heard of before called “Adore” – with Robin Wright and Naomi Watts as the two main lead characters – I’m not a huge fan of Naomi but she does have a great picker for a good movie (think 21 Grams and Eastern Promises for example), so I thought I’d give this unknown movie a chance.

Set in Australia the movie guarantees 112 minutes of gorgeous Aussie accents + being a French production you know there’s some taboo sexuality guaranteed to be touched on – et voila you have an interesting movie.

Robin Wright + Naomi Watts + 2 hot Australian surfer boys + Aussie accents + sexual taboo = a pretty decent 112 mins of drama.

The story? Watch the trailer and it pretty much gives away the entire movie.

adore movie poster robin wright naomi watts