London’s clubs where “white is right” and “if you’re black, get back”

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by Shane Thomas

It’s Friday, so chances are that you may be heading out to socialise tonight (or tomorrow). Even if you’re like me, and prefer to spend most of your weekends away from the prospective nightlife of music, dancing and alcohol, there’s no doubt that it makes up a major part of some people’s weekends.

Some of you may even be heading to central London, but beware because nightclub, Libertine, (formerly known as Chinawhites) reputed to be one of the most estimable clubs in London, appears to have an admittance policy akin to Jim Crow-era America.


Initially brought to light by fashion blogger, Fisayo Longe, who described her experience at being refused entry to Libertine, with the woman on the door saying to her and her friends, “Not tonight ladies, Please step aside.” It was only after repeatedly demanding an explanation that Longe was told by a…

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