Beautiful Ladies

Tomorrow is my birthday and many people ask if I’m afraid if growing old. I don’t think so, I feel calmer and less anxious (though sometimes you can’t really tell, ha!) and tend to get upset by other people less easily. Also, the passing away of my darling Aunt Nancy last year made a really large impact on me.

On the physical side, if I had to name some of the most beautiful people I’d say – Carmen Dell’Orefice, Lyn Slater (her awesome blog is here!), the late Diana Vreeland and Sophia Loren. It would be an honour to grace as gracefully as these ladies.

Carmen Dell’Orefice

The wonderful late Diana Vreeland photographed by my favourite photographer Richard Avedon:

diana vreeland by richard avedon lyn slater sophia loren now sophia loren today


In the original and very first edition of “My Hot & Sultry Girl Crush List” we had a selection of Latin and Mediteranean hotness that was Penelope, Monica and Eva.

In the second edition of “My Hot & Sultry Girl Crush List” we had the amazing Erin Wasson – talk about a super chick who packs a punch!

In the most recent and third edition of “My Hot & Sultry Girl Crush List” we had my one and only beloved Kate Lanphear – style icon beyond words.

So who shall we drool over and give some exclusive girl-admiring-time to this time?

How about…

…a bit of Rachel Weisz…

sexy rachel weisz

I fell absolutely in love with Rachel when she played Tessa in the movie “The Constant Gardener” alongside Ralph Fiennes. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this beautiful movie and I have cried every single time. I’m a sucker like that. Yeah.

sultry rachel weisz strict rachel weisz rachel weisz magazine rachel weisz husband daniel craig rachel weisz cute gorgeous rachel weisz beautiful rachel weisz

rachel weisz casual