CocoGenix Moisturiser & Eye Cream

Last week was my birthday and as I steadily roll into my 30’s there’s nothing wrong with taking more and better care of my skin. I refuse to use cheap high-street brands for my skin – especially on my face which is extra-sensitive and regularly has eczema outbreaks.

Anyone who doesn’t know about the amazing properties of coconut oil must has been living under a rock since forever – and now there’s a luxury skincare brand harnessing the beautiful natural powers of coconut oil and combining it with matrikine collagen stimulants – Coco Genix presents the CoCo Genix Pro Collagen Cellular Repair Complex.

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So what are these wonderful ingredients and what do they do?

Matrikine Stimulants – Matrikenes are like little messengers that tell your skin to heal and repair itself.

Coconut Oil – this really is the do-it-all ingredient, is there anything it doesn’t do? From moisturising to removing make-up, great for massages and your hair. It’s ultra-hydrating qualities make it an amazing lip balm and cuticle softener and is also an excellent under-eye cream.

Collagen – is the main structural protein of the various connective tissues in animals, making up 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. Collagen is what gives healthy skin its plush, elastic and youthful appearance.

Been a week into using the CocoGenix anti-wrinkle cream and collagen cream as well as their anti-gravity eye serum, so it’s still a bit early to be looking for visible results – but so far I’m loving the texture, absorbs quickly & nothing to complain about.


Kerafiber Serum – with Argan Oil

It’s not easy taking care of my super dry frizzy hair – there’s a LOT of conditioner involved and most times even then that doesn’t guarantee results, so often I back up by adding leave-in conditioner or serum either during or after drying my hair.

Argan Oil is one of my favourite hair treatments, I used to use the Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner in the past and recently came across the Kerafiber Argan Oil Serum whilst trying out their shampooand conditioner. I applied it to my towel-dry hair last night and voila, I can walk around with my hair down today! Definitely worth packing when on holiday!

kerafiber serum argan oil